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Welcome to my blog!

For ten years I have been running a successful business, using the James’ Home Services System of Training and Coaching with more than 100 Franchises.

During that time I have learnt heaps and gathered material from many sources which has  been beneficial to my franchisees, to my own business, and to me personally.

On my blog I have included material that has inspired or given food for thought, or both.  It is in support of the James’ Home Services System of Training and Coaching.

I’m passionate about helping people who want to help themselves, so I hope you find something interesting here that helps you with your own business.

Thank you for stopping by.

Onwards & Upwards!


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Learning something new and feeling inadequate? It’s OK!

Last week I had the pleasure of listening to a new colleague in our James’ Home Services system speak of how the process of learning a new skill can leave the student feeling inadequate.

I was inspired and it gave me cause to pause……………………and reflect.

There is always a period of time when testing a new learning, that we feel inadequate.  It is unavoidable.  It is the time where we must transform the theory of what we have learnt, into practice.

And then practice, practice, practice until the skill begins to emerge within us.

One imperative for success is to accept that feeling inadequate, for a time, is inevitable.  And to hitch up our trousers or our skirts, and get on with the process of learning and practising;  learning a bit more and then practising that to.

Some new skills are easy to learn, some are difficult.  The only difference is the length of time that we feel inadequate.  Thinking back, the things I’ve learnt or achieved that I personally value don’t fall into the ‘easy’ category.  The ones I value took effort, determination, plus a period of feeling inadequate.

I was inspired by my colleague for several reasons.

Firstly, because he was public about how he felt – kind of like acknowledging the elephant in the room. It’s there for all of us but we don’t talk about it in the hope that it will go away – by magic.  Sometimes we pretend, laugh it off, deny.

Secondly because he knows that his feeling of inadequacy will lessen as he practices, learns more and practices that too.

Thirdly, and most importantly, his concern about his inadequacy was for his client, not himself.

I have repeated part of his presentation below.  Please take the time to read his words and see what you can take from them.  Find cause to pause…………………and reflect.

“I have great anxiety………..It’s probably a stage.  The trouble with knowing I don’t know, is that the feeling of inexperience lets me know I am inadequate to the task at hand.  The fear and likelihood of failure keeps me trying.  That fear can either destroy me or motivate me.  So, the trick is to realise that  I might be inadequate, but that’s only for right now!” (John Normyle – Regional Master Franchise)

Onwards & Upwards!

Sheryl Burns

James’ Home Services Master Franchise

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